So the tail end of my Birthdaycation Extravaganza, where I took trips out west to see my best friend from childhood, down to Texas to see my family, then off to houston to see my college teammate get married, has come. While in Houston, I spent some time in the Gold Room with none other than Golden pka King Midas of H.I.S.D./Radio Galaxy/King Coz.

These are some of the works in progress or throw aways he played for me and Damien in the Gold Room. I was barking orders because he was being real nonchalant about playing them. “Turn that up!” “Turn that off!” “Start that one over!” “When are we starting on my album!”

Anyway, enjoy these for now and prepare for the assault of new music you’re about to get from the crew.


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  1. Dart_Adams says:

    *Roadhouse kicks a hobo in the mouth just as he’s about to eat his 1st meal of the day*

  2. Mimi Hassan says:

    The first video makes me feel like i’m at my parent’s wedding in 1984. Such smoothness. Incredible

  3. pop life says:

    Jdilla reincarnated wow

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