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  1. Jay Pikk says:

    Clear Soul Forces is def the future of hip hop! DETROIT STAND UP! CSF WADDUP?!

  2. China says:

    These guys are amazing, and make amazing music. There’s no way you can listen to their music and not love it!

  3. MacVill says:

    C.S.F are my brothers and I wish the listeners could have seen the grind that they put in on this project like I did. Amazing! Shouts to “Nameless” and “J-Norm”.

  4. Kristian says:

    My absolute favorite hip hop group. These guys put out amazing music and not only are they beyond talented artist but they’re overall awesome dudes. I love these guys. Proud to say their from my city.

  5. Ashley says:

    They make really good music, and there’s a great variety. You can smoke, chill, party all on the same cd.

  6. savvi franchise says:

    awwwready. this is why i love rik

  7. flip illson says:


    —a dying metaphor—

  8. NAMELESS says:

    You know I gotta leave a shoutout on this!!! Big ups to CSF

  9. The Vanguard says:

    cats definitely been sleep on CSF but they gonna blow up crazy in 2011!!!

  10. Kurt Gobang says:

    this is dope. i can appreciate this…

    oh yeah. #SWAG #diealready

  11. Joseph Crack says:

    Now I never comment on here but i’ve been checking for a couple years and the only other 2 groups i ever left a comment for are H.I.S.D. and Pac Div……I’m just saying……..These kids are dope this is what hip hop needs right now. Salute CSF!!!

  12. I fully support this… CSF is cooking up some marvelous shit!! Check for Pick Up The Sticks, Gon Get’em, Push It To The Max… pretty much the whole tape is nuts!

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