Meet Willie.

By August 8, 2010 July 24th, 2015 Music, Real Life, RIK.TV

My name is Willie.

The good folks at invited me to their wonderful, yet utterly depressing site to share my experiences with you. See, I hate my job. I hate my job more than anything that I have ever hated. More than life itself. I”m on a career path to nowhere. I describe the outlook for my future as “mediocre at best”. I”m a number, a cog in the system. I”m remarkably average. I hate going to sleep at night online casino’s because I know that when I wake up, tomorrow will be just as bad, if not worse, than today.

For some reason, felt like these qualities made me the ideal candidate to amuse you with storiesof my daily failures and shortcomings. Please laugh at my life, because I find it so very difficult to do so. Over the next several days, weeks, and possibly months, i”ll share my daily experiences as a corporate whore, and offer my unique insight into the impossibly hopeless world of Willie Turner.

All that I ask is this: share your stories too. I”ll probably off myself if I feel like the only one that”s going through this. Write, comment, send video – I don”t care. Let”s all be miserable together.

-William Q. Turner

Email your work stories to , and we”ll publish them on the site. If you want to submit video testimonials like Willie just did, let”s make that happen too!
twitter: @thecorpwhore


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  2. savvi poindexter jankins says:

    LMAO! “I’m already an hour late for work as I’m recording this. I really don’t give a sh!t”

  3. Bella Morena says:

    Damn, Willie! Where were you a year ago when I quit my job? I just got hired at a new job, and those mofos can egg me and my car. I ain’t going nowhere! Baby gotta eat, son! Since I’ve known your pain, I will keep my right fist in the air for ‘ya! One…

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  5. DBDR says:

    Willie in the house! When’s the next installment?

  6. Damien says:

    He’s posting a new video every week, but he’s also doing journal entries everyday at

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