Kanye West “Power” featuring Dwele produced by Symbolyc One

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  1. prisonfood. says:


  2. I can honestly say, it’s both the beat and the rhymes that make this dope.
    Gotta love it!

  3. Fave says:

    S1 straight SMURFED this track! ‘Ye is having fun! This is confidence music. . .

  4. ilchymis says:

    Nice to hear people sampling King Crimson.

  5. NickNack says:

    Sick. Love this joint.

  6. Dj ILL One says:

    Kanye is back,and he used the right producer to bring him back. Props to S1 for such a dope song.

  7. Mynus says:

    Love it mayne

  8. brook says:

    was this his “million dolla deal”? :)

    S1 is gifted and i’m glad his gift will be more exposed with this track.

  9. track is crazy _ lovin this one
    but really just waiting on that MOE GREEN to drop

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