The Catalyst….Ohio’s most slept on.

By March 3, 2010 Mixtapes, Music

So i’ve been knowing this emcee from Ohio for years since we were both teenagers. He was just always an incredible emcee to me, from his unique voice (which was as deep and raspy when he was a youth), to his hard hitting punchlines. He was always one of those guys that just had that natural ability at an early age. He’s been affiliated with Copywrite, Jakki and that whole O-Dot crew but has always been overlooked IMO. These joints are from ’07 and I only discovered them recently so I had to hit dude up and reconnect. He also just appeared on the new RJD2 album on a track “A Son’s Cycle” and i’m happy dude is still making music, can’t wait to hear what he has cooking up for 2010. Big up to the dude Catalyst aka Bo!

The Catalyst “Catalyst’s Inferno”

The Catalyst “Stylin On You” (Produced by The Catalyst)

The Catalyst “Catalyst Chillin”


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I like that. I will have to pass this around.


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  3. SlopFunkDust says:

    you post something thats NOT from canada and worth a damn. lol

    thats a W.

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