Peter Rosenberg x Jay Electronica Interview

By March 1, 2010 Interviews, Premiere, Real Life

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  1. […] Jay Electronica appeared on Real Late Tonight with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 late Sunday night. He also hosted a two hour Ustream show where he called his BFF Diddy, confirmed a Kanye West collaboration, Red Cafe wanting him on the “I’m Ill” remix all while borderline drunk. Shouts to RappersIKnow. […]

  2. […] Jay Electronica appeared on Real Late Wtih Peter Rosenberg during the weekend for a intriguing interview. Thanks to FWMJ. […]

  3. […] of ‘Exhibit C”, his good ol’ friend Diddy, and much more. Spotted @ UHTN via RappersIKnow. Share & […]

  4. […] Peter Rosenberg about the origins of Jews, the rise of “Exhibit C” and more. Props to RappersIKnow for the heads […]

  5. bobby says:

    Is he on crack or does he always stutter like that?

  6. Danny Nider says:

    This dude used to make great music.

    Now all he does is stutter, make weird comments about Jews (I am not Jewish) and pretend that he knows a lot more about real history than he actually does.

    P.S. Moses wasn’t a black African. He wasn’t the same sort of “Jew” as most Jews in the world today, either. He was a Semite, which is a distinct race in its own right. But doofs like Jay Electronica will believe anything and everything that makes himself think that he’s more important, because he’s really, weirdly obsessed with skin color. Guess what, though: You can still be a good person without being the same race as Moses, or Einstein, or Confucius or whoever. Next I’m going to hear Jay E spout some foolish theory about how Einstein was actually black. He probably wishes he could say that to make himself feel more superior. That’s the way his weird brain works.

  7. […] They talk about the origin of Jews, Jay being a space cadet, the meteoric rise of Exhibit C, manual stimulation, and more. Props to FWMJ/RappersIKnow. […]

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