Magestik Legend “All Eye Know” produced by Astronote

By February 24, 2010 Music, Premiere, Preview

This cat is working on a gang of projects right now. A few are with notable names that I can’t mention just yet—all I know is they better all come out. Either way, Magestik Legend & Astronote have formed a powerhouse crew called “CLASSIC STEREO”. Astronote got tracks! I need some of those mayne!

Keep and eye out for Magestik Legend, lot more joints to come.

Magestik Legend “All Eye Know” produced by Astronote


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  1. SelfSays says:

    thats the homie… congrats jess

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    Good morning! © Kanye West


  3. willmofo says:

    ML is that dude! I still bump “FREE” from this mostly slept on emcee! Be on the look out, dude is dope!!! DETROIT STAND UP!!!

  4. dj jamad says:

    Astronote is my favorite producer out now! Well composed tracks! Proper sounds…Very complimentary MC as well!

    Rotation worthy…Very!

    Stay Wit It!!!


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