D-ology: Selections from the Dr. Mindbender EP

By February 9, 2010 April 23rd, 2015 Mixtapes, Music, Premiere, Preview

D-ology said

—Yeah, pretty boy aim /
No room for cute on the battlefield and y’all knowin’ that triggers y’all ain’t /
trigger talk can’t talk ’cause of open court cases /
you want more cases to stay closed,
basically. /

but if you all blazin, and then of course occasionally /
ya faces’ll be seen in sumn, in one of these places /
while u makin your statement of greatness /
fake as a suburb baby raised priveledged claimin’ he scraped it /

yeah right mimick—
keep makin yourself believe in somethin’ a Smith gave you for payment…

His verse (the last verse) on “There Can Only Be One” still kicks ass.

D-ology “Come Thru” featuring Kay of The Foundation, produced by OH NO!

D-ology “Fantastic 4” featuring The Niyat & Kay of The Foundation, produced by Illmind

D-ology “Nose Bleeds” produced by OH NO!

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  1. MP. says:

    Glad there’s finally a full version of Fantastic 4. This is really dope…

  2. damien says:

    I am not worthy.

  3. Rome Cee says:

    Man, the dude D is sick, he got vocal quality, flow and wits. I heard references to the the Matrix, aliens and other shit Im into.


  4. TheonelikeP says:

    If there was a rap war, I would want to be on that niggas side. Hands down.

  5. Minus says:

    my head & hand gestures explain more than i can say.

  6. Wapp D says:

    Post a copy of the Dr. Mindbender EP so we can hold on to it in our archives……keep this jewel alive.
    These bits and pieces don’t it justice……Let them shitz be heard in its entirety

  7. FWMJ says:

    @Wapp D: i wish i had the whole thing :(

  8. DOLOGY says:

    Wapp, Mirawge has a copy. Hit’em up.

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