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  4. HAIRY HANDS says:

    Sun is Shining, and this is the SHIT!!!

  5. aL says:

    so illy willy wit it peeeeace

  6. rilla says:

    srsly, don’t put this faggot nas ova dilla – he can’t really rap that good :(

  7. […] – Streets of New York feat Rakim & Jay – Z Dilla x Nas = Dillmatic spotted over at FWMJ which made me think of this […]

  8. Vekso says:

    yo vekso keeps this shit goin fuck all the rest

  9. Nas >>>> Your Entire Life says:

    @Rilla Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

  10. Antony says:

    “Streets of New York feat. Rakim & Jay-Z” this is amazing. THANK YOU.!

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