In The Lab with VohnBeatz: Episode 1

By January 6, 2010 Music, Real Life, Shows

Author FWMJ

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  1. Heinz says:

    wow kid is dope

  2. DJ Lil Tiger says:

    Dude. Fuck am I doing with my life? I already felt old as dirt BEFORE I watched this shit. Now? Psssht. Shit.

  3. Self says:

    The babies man, the babies!!! The music is in good hands. Big up Vohn!

  4. tre80dask8a says:

    this kid is ill… and I’m honored cuz he’s from my city…I’m tellin ya, I’ma find lil bro n we gon collab…
    besides, how can you not be a beast when your dad is symbolic 1?

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