DJ Enuff makes “Exhibit C” the Heavy Hitter Pick of the Week

By December 28, 2009 Music, Premiere, Real Life

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  • TheCo!!inB says:

    enuff tryin to civilize the 85’ers. good for hot97.

  • TheCo!!inB says:

    enuff tryin to civilize the 85’ers. good for hot97.

  • NOEAST says:

    Actually Jay E is from uptown, magnolia projects…. not downtown… He’s the light.

  • ETHER says:

    JAYELEC is dope,but people are past yall trying to “take it back” let it live on the net and at shows,but setting him up for failure on the radio kinda sucks. That song will never blow up past the net. It’s not setup for that.

  • danny dan says:

    excellent decision

  • Brother Sport says:

    That was a bold move by DJ Enuff, but a very necessary and crucial one. I hope songs of this caliber quickly infiltrate the radio. Because straight up and down things can’t simply go on like they have been. Take notes kids because you might be witnessing the beginning of a much needed rap revolution.

    Man of the Week goes to DJ Enuff. Enuff said.

  • Sp says:

    Great track but its not the end of wack shit. Its great to think optimistic but lets be realistic.
    Everyone needs to support & buy music they like & that will be a start… so stop complaining about what the radio plays & start making or purchasing good music yourself.

  • hollaatyadog says:

    Thanks for this pick

  • James says:

    JAY ELECTRONICA SUCKS LIVE! Seen him twice and he was horrible. Studio work makes up for it.

    jay in 2010?

  • goldbluntz says:

    i saw him with nas in montreal and he killed nas

  • Dj ILL One says:

    This was a great move on Dj Enuff`s behalf,but it is still Hot 97. This will not change the world of Radio. This is just one song that`s dope enough to be noticed amongst the B.S. It is up to us ,the consumers to make projects like these thrive on the charts and make a difference. It`s all in what you support by purchasing and promoting. And remember,Dj Enuff is not a cream puff Dj in the first place,he does what he has to do being on one of the biggest radio sations in the country. So keep buying and promoting artists like Jay.This is the only way that we will see a change in music.

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