The Are x Bavu “I Chopped The Sheriff” Fleaux

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[ I got sick of The ARE posting all these bangers with no consequences or repercussions. when he put this “chopped” one up friday, i couldn’t take it anymore. so i promised myself i’d have this back up, with a fleaux on top, by monday. if ya’ll ain’t buyin his beats, at least i can show you what you coulda done < 90 secs on oct 31, 2009. lyrics x hyperlinks + merch after the jump... peace ] The Are x Bavu::I Chopped The Sheriff Fleaux by

[bavu. the are, the are…] b. a. v. u. blakes the legend not in the making i’m cemented
4th quarter defensive coordinators are unable to prevent it
i don’t even curse but i make ya’ll guff. sound. uhh. just decent
it’s no authenticity in it
straight to the trash i didn’t get it so resend it
you like an assist vinnie johnson made
i’m sayin straight from the mic. ro. wave.
hey gimme 1 2 3 kegs ya’ll got me messed up
i’m amerie legs longevity yea going the distance i’m designed to
ain’t bout to pull a hamstring and ain’t. trying. to.
for halloween i was swine flu without a costume
now i’m the posthumous movie this is it ya’ll
watch my puma like badu and the doc do
i got to maneuver i got you
a lotta work may make you say ouch
how you think alicia keys got rid of that pouch
would you rather be chapelle or the guy on the couch
think about it and now in 3 2 1
rappers i know we reppin texas and all
but i went to mississippi and i shot the deputy dawg
i’m guilty
and it ain’t my fault that ya’ll just noticin
for the nobody who knows and ‘nem i told ya’ll
i know i spit clean as a neat freak
nah i know i spit clean as anita baker feet
the ARE can make a beat but me i MAKE a beat
[ peace ]



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  1. mos says:

    uh oh, looks like someone is getting it in

  2. THAT was the business!



  3. ARE says:

    Bavu, we will do a project soon!

  4. NickNack says:

    Hell yeah! I love how you imitated “The ARE” drop that you did for the Soundscape 12″. HAHAHA. SO sick and yes Russel, you need to do some work with Vu.

  5. NOW THAT………… yeah.
    “for halloween i was swine flue”



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