Rob Viktum featuring Donwill & Friends – Aight, New Drink

By August 24, 2009 Music, Premiere, View All

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  1. Raymo says:

    Man, Rob, dude I’m so proud of you fam. Ever since I first heard one of your beats way back I knew you had the gift. I knew your shit was next level. Don’t stop, keep grindin’. AKA, these beats are fire! And every emcee on this e.p. rides the track. Rob Viktum, coming soon to an iPod near you.


    Barakaran Obama is my shit tho!

  2. San says:

    been a huge Supporter of ROB VIKTUM’s work ever since i heard the TRIBUTE TO CAMBODIA tape, mellow yet intricate beats, rhymes as relevant to the times as the sun is…im def jumpin on this later tonight, ima download it and hit youl back with the FEEDback…congratulations on the drop…KEEP ON!


  3. Objektiv One says:

    Rob is a great guy and a great producer. Its good to see him put out a release like this and still have his beats shine through the powerhouse emcees on these tracks. Downloading now.

  4. damn says:

    Damn usershare!!! why do people still use that??

  5. PEECHFUZZ says:

    Very Dope Rob… I can honestly say I’m not surprised by this EP(knew it was banging on GP)…. waiting for more stuff from you bro….ICC!!

  6. OB says:

    Rob is a beast on beats, this project is pure dopeness!!!!!

  7. Fishr Pryce says:

    Ah Needs Garlic. What a dope EP Rob is making moves and Don Will is nasty on the tracks.

  8. jcmynt323 says:

    my life so beautiful i think i wanna marry it!….that beat is ill….lyrics is tight too

  9. aMPLe4th says:


    you Viktumise them,son.I’m in Cape Town diggin your work. An ” Audio Tribute To The Cambodian People” convinced me why I always dug non-mainstream Hip Hop…it was always about being dope on what you do.

    Good vibrations.


  10. howisya says:

    links are dead

  11. Drow1 says:

    Can we get a re-up on this please? file has been removed

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