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  1. bushie says:

    You ARE!!!!

  2. Wraithe Fantum says:

    So timely, so needed, and much appreciated.

    secret addict beat fanatik who never deviated.

    Awesomely awestruck by The Are

    Aww shucks sitk pop for them warbucks and charge it to just


    When the veil is lifted and the scales have tipped

    in favor of the waiter servin dangerous flavor

    Its too major too wager and with no metals to match paper

    past later, now or never, pleasure power and haters.

    Speculative forecast. become acclimatised

    This is an exercise not to be dramatized.

  3. Big Cen says:

    Always been a fan. Love that shit on Kiesha’s album too. Four star production!

  4. ARE says:

    Big shout to everyone reaching out. the project is still growing and will be released on itunes soon. All proceeds will go to a non-profit org helping the people of Iran. More details coming soon!

  5. Lifted says:

    this shit is def fireeeee

  6. Jonatan007 says:

    Thank you so much for this masterpiece!

  7. golie says:

    I am a Iranian youth, but I grew up in toronto. This cd brought me closer to the struggle of my people especially the youth of Iran.ARE i would love to connect with you I am a photographer and poet and I have a project in mind. Contact me at if you get a chance :)

  8. Shaun B says:

    Always been a fan of The ARE’s beats… always looking for more beats to feed that ipod. Thanks for making great music! And thanks to the site for posting it up!

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