10 Reasons Nas & Kelis’ Baby Will Need Therapy

By July 22, 2009 Misc

Author Jerry

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  1. dirkflowinski says:

    Just the picture alone is proof that the kid is losing.

  2. Joy says:

    can’t find 9-1

  3. Esco's bars says:

    the kid can’t lose
    his father is god’s son
    hiphop new hope iz born!
    wish the best of him and parents
    he can have a great musical talent maybe…
    now beyoncé needs to do the same thang, cuz yall know lol !

    ps: distant relatives coming soon

  4. D.Bravo says:

    Something about her makes me feel what SnaggaPuss used to say ‘HEAVENS TO MERCATROID EXIT STAGE LEFT …EVEN!’

  5. Handzi says:

    wondering why Kelis become ugly since she got those ”wannabe gangsta” tooth’s

  6. DEE says:

    Just let them live in peace- their kid will grow up with some of the bigest rappers around, we may get some good music out of it in years to come!

  7. mea says:

    kelis u r beautiful nas is the shit and cute so the both of yall put 2gether is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HATERS FALL BACK./

  8. Jimbob says:

    ISH!! NASTY!

  9. T.Garganzo says:

    imagine she going to rip off your nuts with those steel dentures…

  10. irving.girl says:

    my god !!! that bitch is f?????? ugly…

  11. min says:

    ke esta merda pa?negra malukiniaaaaa!

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