Man. I was fuckin’ off the rock takin’ so long to put these beats up. J. Bizness = the truth!






Full project after the jump!


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  1. Sponatola says:

    Hate to be the only one who disagrees but I’m good on these… Sp

  2. J. Bizness says:

    Thanks for the honesty, Sponatola…

    I hope I get you next time.

  3. c.blak says:

    “Hello” is nice bruh. Whole joint is dope.

  4. Sponatola says:

    Word up J, I’m sure u got some bangers… Good sound quality but, these just didn’t do it for me.
    Anyways, I’ll be listening out for your next project. Keep doing your thing! -Sp

  5. Minus says:

    sum good feel beats

  6. kg says:

    I see Amerie on Nitro. Hot!

  7. Aspect1 says:

    nah…you gonna be hearing Aspect1 on that “Nitro” haha..keep killing family…LA is watching!

  8. Minus says:

    awready snatched and ready to be put to great usage.

  9. Kephera.Ekundayo says:

    Damn, I’m late apparently. Better late than never though, right? Thanks for the download!!! Driving to work will be a little bit easier tomorrow…na’mean? Sh*t’s nice…

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