The ARE “Beat Medley (May 2009)”

By May 17, 2009 Music, Premiere

Author FWMJ

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  1. raw says:

    wish I was a rapper. I’d feel like a king rapping over those beats!

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    I’m a huge fan of The ARE and I love dude’s slaps. Thanks for this.

    As an aside, medley is spelled “medley” but whatever. It’s Hip Hop. We spell shit wrong on purpose.


  3. The Jake says:

    the ARRREEEE the Are, a hero amongst beat makers

  4. Mr. V says:

    Been hooked ever since ‘Dem Damn Jacksons’… Good Looks

  5. vision herd says:

    i like what he did to those samples. i heard em before, now a different perspective. good shit.

  6. antonio says:

    always love his beats.
    what’s that track that starts around 1:40, with female vocals coming in around 2 mins.?

  7. iginlafire says:

    So, so, soooooo, SOOOOOOO dope. I’ll check out any project he’s involved with till the day I die. Love that chop!

  8. naldo come says:

    man, this guy is getting better, like some old wine shit, been down with THE ARE since the first K OTIX album.keep up

  9. Wings says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, nice crisp soulful beats, wishing mainstream sounded like this, but i guess that’s what keeps this form of hip hop so pure. And I really like the name “the Are”.

  10. the beatsmen says:

    big medley, the are should do more work with these rnb chicks n stop fcking with dese rappers!
    1 yo

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