Busta Rhymes “I Bullshit You Not” Mixtape

By May 4, 2009 Mixtapes, Music

Ion’t really know these dudes, just passed by em 101 times at the day job whenever they be in the building, but Rap needs more DJ Scratch beats!

Busta on the rhymes, Scratch on the beats. Ghost producer free!

“Director’s Cut” featuring Uncle Murda

“Foreign Currency” featuring Maino

“Piano Man” featuring Spliff Star & Neek

“The Game Room” featuring Lil Fame

Tracklist and cover after the jump.

Download “I Bullshit You Not”

1. Fate Of The World
2. Director’s Cut (feat. Uncle Murda)
3. Let’s Do It (feat. Spliff Star)
4. Foreign Currency (feat. Maino)
5. Piano Man (feat. Spliff Star & Reek)
6. Death Wish (feat. Raekwon)
7. Try Your Hand (feat. Show Money)
8. The Game Room (feat. Lil Fame)
9. Victim
10. Give A Damn (feat. Show Money & Reek)
11. Bounce Back
12. Feel My Pain


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  1. Damien says:

    YES!!! I always wondered what a DJ Scratch -produced Busta album would sound like.

  2. alJaZz says:

    Im a bIG Busta rhymes fan Since forever..Im lovin this Album..Thanks Fam!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    DJ Scratch is no joke.

  4. nahlij1 says:

    It won’t let me download…it says it doesn’t exist.

  5. nahlij1 says:

    Does Kay have his own Myspace page……I live in Ohio and this dude is one of my favorite emcees, and I fancy myself a hip-hop historian….how do I get a hold of this dude?

  6. SK1 says:

    Just downloaded this file, tried to expand it and it asked for a password. Anyone happen to know what it is? Loving the site by the way, got into a ton of new artists thanks to you.

  7. lovin this Busta rhymes fan Thanks

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