P.CASSO “Best In Show” Video featuring Homeboy Sandman and Von Pea

By April 13, 2009 Music, RIK.TV

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  1. CriticalBEATdown says:

    Dope. But trying too hard to be different.

  2. I wasn’t trying to be different, I was just trying to be creative. Next time I’ll just do a video with me and all my boys standing in front of a graffitti wall so I won’t be so “different”

  3. jay says:

    p. casso very underrated artitst seen u at drom with c.l. smooth

  4. CriticalBEATdown says:

    Like I said, its a dope idea but the execution of it isn’t as good as you think it is. I can’t argue the concept is good but yo get someone who actually knows a thing or two about directing a video.

  5. FWMJ says:

    everyone’s gotta start somewhere. usually when things like this happen on the level we’re all at right now, it’s a collective of friends or people that respect each other working with each other on the strength. i’m sure if ever new emcee on the scene was filming his first video could call steven spielberg to film his first ever video, he’d do it. let people grow, and focus on the music.

    i, for one, like the video

  6. steven mann says:

    DOPE! Nice!

  7. Drow1 says:

    Sick with it man….dont know what dude up there is talking about….great concept, great execution…props man…


  8. cambreezy says:

    Dudes an idiot……this is a sick song/video

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