Spitten King Interviewed in 002 Magazine

By April 1, 2009 Interviews, Press

Check out this interview with Scottie Spitten & Kind Midas as Spitten King in 002 Magazine!

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Also, in the Houston Press

Spitten King: Gold Room EP
By Shea Serrano
Published on March 31, 2009 at 1:55pm

Houston’s Scottie Spitten is a very talented, very creative MC. He flaunts a monochromatic yet sporadic flow, recognized most often by whichever of producer King Midas’s soul samples any given track lionizes, and Spitten’s subtle punch lines. (“Charlie Brown, niggas, I’m like ‘Good Grief.'”) He first publicized his talents in 2007 with his shining contributions on Hueston Independent Spit District’s The District, an impressive feat given that album’s overall high quality. Now he’s succumbed to his listeners’ demands (sort of) and offered up five-song EP Gold Room, which is at times great — Spitten is clearly at his best on slower-paced tracks like “Piano Maze” and “Gold Room.” His involved, meta wordplay can require some patience to fully appreciate — the mere 50 seconds of Duran ­Duran-sampling (!) “I’m On Fire” requires multiple listens to genuinely comprehend everything. Spitten has shown that, when uninhibited, he can write more substance into 16 bars than most MCs can in an entire song, so any misstep is magnified. (“Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” or something like that.) But mind you, the fact that the chief knock against this EP is that Spitten is only great “at times” is like complaining that Yao Ming is only 7’6″. Download Gold Room, then wait for Spitten’s full-length album later this year.


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  1. king says:

    your fast LOL

  2. Damien says:

    Look at them boy trying to look hard. Not overrated, unlike Yao Ming.

  3. dirkflowinski says:

    Stop it D! There has never been another 7’6″ cat as good as Yao Ming! By the time there is one, we’ll be to old to watch. LOL

  4. damien says:

    Regardless of his height, Yao is overrated. Jeff Van Gundy was probably the best player to come out of Nazareth; doesn’t mean he was any good. Yall are gonna stop excusing Yao because of his height.

    Enough of the post jack – these articles were a good look for you two…

  5. ronday says:

    ( the mad spitter) “fans turn to ti rents i got 81 styles for you flow b Bryant’s” ha ha ha (I’m jussaying)

    wow Scottie why treat em so nasty

  6. Kashmere Don says:

    Do da damn thang then

  7. Khimmy J says:

    more, more, more!!!

    ps – lookin’ like yall’s pops…all that’s missin’ is that Old E. – lol

  8. savv says:

    yep yep

  9. The Black English Man says:

    Good interview.

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