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Are things coming full circle?

Andres: Now speaking of labels, you, or someone with your permission, used to post on the SOHH forums, and there was some talk about Bad Boy having interest in you. Did this actually happen?

Jay Electronica: yes, it was a pretty brief ordeal. After Chav and I recorded War With the Dragon, we did the artwork and packaged maybe a hundred of them in DVD casing. We went to Dilla’s at like 2 in the morning, asked his permission to use a few of the records that were his on there to go to NYC and secure a deal. so like zealots, we went to Kinko’s and printed these fake front page newspaper articles about Jay Electronica etc… I’ll try and dig one up. Then we drove from Detroit to NYC, when we got there, we went on impulse and plastered them all over the front of the building bad boy was in. At the time Diddy was supposed to be coming down or something, there was a caravan parked and waiting, so of course they called security on us and we ended up having a little scene on the sidewalk.

Andres: Oh snap.

Jay Electronica: this sister Nicollet, after everything had calmed down, came over and asked for a few of the DVD’s we had and saw the flyer, she asked if we made films, so we gave them to her and bounced. Maybe an hour later we got a call saying that they wanted us to meet them at the studio and that Harve Pierre and some other guy, I cant remember his name, wanted to meet with us. So we went and they were filming Making The Band at the time and we ended up waiting a long time and were told that they would reschedule. So we ended up bouncing from NYC. Chav went to Detroit and I went to Mexico City with my man Born Righteous and Bad Boy contacted me down there to setup a meeting when I got back, but nothing ever materialized. As for the stuff on the SOHH forums, that’s a whole other story.


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  1. slopfunkdust says:

    i just hope puffy doesn’t pull a craig mack maneuver on him…
    this could be a really good thing… or a wyclen / cannibus thing… LMAO!

  2. FWMJ says:

    who the hell is wyclen?

  3. Joey says:

    I feel good & bad for him at the same time, cause he got signed for tons of dough but now he probably won’t release an album (mix-cds of course) no time soon or probably not at all as long as he’s signed to B.B. but knowing Mr.Combs, Jay E. will be apart of the staff of writers that Diddy already have waiting to release their own material.

  4. slopfunkdust says:

    remember what he did to cannibus’s career with 1 album? lol

  5. FWMJ says:

    who is cannibus? lol

  6. liveguy says:

    Diddy always been a head….I’m not surprised. No shiny suits tho, please!

  7. bananaclipse says:

    say it ain’t so!

  8. slopfunkdust says:

    im sorry…

  9. FWMJ says:

    lol don’t hate. canibus had some joints, and the shit he did with black milk was nuts! he can still rap, he just got an ear like nas for beats…and thinks dinosaurs spoke english…

  10. Myles says:

    thats the thing… you cant say no to 4.3 mil,

    i’m sure Jay will find a way to always keep his music coming. The cool thing is, Jay knows the real people like his music.

    We’re still waiting Jay.

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