“There Can Only Be One” – Final Teaser (We Promise)

By March 5, 2009 Music, Preview, RIK.TV

This is the star-studded final teaser of “There Can Only Be One”, featuring previews of D. Randle’s and D-ology’s verses, along with a statement by Big Mon and reactions from HISD.

I know that we stretched out this whole teaser thing for a while, but it’ll be well worth the wait. Mark your calendar – MARCH 17, “There Can Only Be One” will officially drop on Rappers I Know!

Today’s peek comes courtesy of yours truly, D. Randle, and one of the greatest lyricists ever to grace a microphone – D-ology of The Niyat. More on D-ology next week when we feature The Niyat during Rappers I Know’s “Get To Know… Week”.


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  1. King says:

    My Nikkus!!! Its On!!

    Bring it out Bring it Out!!!!

  2. dirkflowinski says:

    Real MC’s. Period. Scott P. had to vent a little bit.

  3. Elthelonious says:

    Niggas ain’t rapping like that man, “there can only be one”

    H-town spittas
    They figured we only one hittas
    Splinters have entered ya thoughts
    Rendered ya third member
    Blinded by the cats that was toastin
    We slid in through the cracks
    Capturing ears that was hoping
    For something more, we implode
    Now we stretching into the world
    Get ready for the chosen few
    Stick ya like glue
    Verbal food
    Stirring the stew……………………………..

    They Aint Ready Mane

  4. The Jake says:

    D-ology, man…the niyat…man….man….it ain’t right!

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