Questlove Respects the shit out of FWMJ…

By February 14, 2009 Misc, Real Life


Noisemakers w/ Peter Rosenberg featuring Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson
Questlove Respects the shit out of FWMJ (for Player Hating)

Other backstage shennanigans after the jump. And Peter’s a story teller. If he ever played a Jay Electronica featuring MF Doom produced by DJ Premier record, chances are I’d pretty much like it. Two of my favourite emcees over one of my favourite producer’s beats. You can’t lose. He was probably asking me what I thought about some Kanye or Neptune produced Common record, and it’s a known fact I liked Common best when he was flowing over No I.D. and Dug Infinite. Although, Hi Tek and Dilla gave him some bangers.


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  1. damien says:

    I concede the Hater Belt to you, my apprentice

  2. Pea says:

    thanks for this, but i cried inside when it stopped before the last break lol

  3. DBDR says:

    That pretty much made my day. And Peter was lying, we all know that if Jay Electronica recorded a track where all he did was read the phone book, it would be on RIK five minutes later.

    I kid, I kid.

  4. Demetri says:

    Pea you and me both. Yea he’s telling the truth about not concentrating and playing drums.

  5. King says:

    Hater in the house!! LOL

  6. ha thanks for the postage

  7. Magnus says:

    Damn i wanna hear that about me someday.
    thats so cool

  8. Kupi says:

    i feel so forgotten :(

  9. Triptych says:

    I fucking hate you for where that audio cut off.

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