Lil’ Big Yung “I’m Great Bitch”

By January 15, 2009 December 28th, 2009 Music, Premiere

new Lil’ Big Yung, flowin over one of Black’s purple beats.

“I got a a maid and a butler /
you at the crib sprayin’ raid, smokin ganja /
I throw bread at the chickens /
You at the park, breakin’ bread with some pigeons /
I’m in the spot just shinin’ /
You at the J on the spot just shinin'”

“I keep these hoes straight squeelin’ /
high pitched noise like they sippin’ in helium /
only if they body lookin’ like serena williams”

lol i mean smh

“I’m Great Bitch” over Black Milk production

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  1. slop says:

    lil’ big yung for president!!!

  2. Question says:

    Whats so good about this? I dont get it….is it a joke?

  3. Kashmere Don says:

    mayne dat boi there got that fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  4. MAZINKAIZER says:

    Produced by Black Milk even?! Harsh times indeed.

  5. Flowers says:

    this my dude right here.

    gotta get the background on this cat, yo.

  6. SoulOne says:

    I NEED a whole album!!!

  7. DBDR says:

    Slow down slop–I think Lil Big Yung would be a better cabinet member. Obama needs a secretary of thowed, doesn’t he?

  8. Roddamus says:

    Mmmmm….That’s good cake.

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