Congrats to The ARE for one of his tracks ending up on Keyshia Cole’s new album, A Different Me out next Tuesday.

Get caught up on The ARE after the jump.

“Where This Love Could End Up”produced by The ARE

Nas “Hope” remixed by The ARE

“Love That Chop” produced by The ARE

Real Time with The ARE – Part I

Real Time with The ARE – Part II

Backpack Crack: new music from producer The ARE and Dem Damb Jacksons on Miss Info’s Blog


EMC “The Leak” produced by The ARE

The ARE on Nodfactor

More on The ARE


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  1. D.Bravo says:

    CONGRATS couldn’t have happened to a better cat! Keep up the great work pimpin!

  2. Minus says:

    Dat boy doing thangz. .Congrats!!

  3. Jubei208 says:

    Congrats to The ARE. Continue working your way up.

  4. krewcial says:

    those beatmaking videos are just crazy …

  5. SoulOne says:

    “ooooooooh. Pop champagne…” (C) Jim Jones

    congrats….you deserve it big homey

  6. Witnes says:

    Really feel’n this “Where This Love Could End Up”produced by The ARE

  7. brewlowlife says:

    nice…..the resume is just getting heavier

  8. Kam Moye says:

    congrats to the ARE… keep pushin homie!

  9. dave says:

    Can’t say I’m a big fan of Ms. Cole, but this track is heat.
    Well done ARE.

  10. ari gold says:

    The ARE is awesome!!!

  11. RaD says:

    I copped that cd a few weeks back and it’s my favorite track on the album.

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