[display_podcast] Here’s some stuff I like, some stuff you might have missed, and some things to keep your head nodding at work. I didn’t feel like talking and trying to be funny right now. Just cop the D. Rose & DJ Cozmos and support ya boys. Tracklist after the jump.

Aside: Slumdog Millionaire was a really good movie.

1. Jay Dee “Beat 16”
2. Ludacris “M.V.P.”
3. Slum Village “Conant Gardens”
4. Jay Electronica “Somethin’ To Hold Onto”
5. D. Rose & Chris “Daddy” Dave “Special Kind of Fool”
6. J Dilla “Shake It Down Pt.3” / Pacific Division “Fantasy”
7. King Coz “The Caldwell Pt. II”
8. D. Rose & DJ Cozmos “Revolution (Something I Just Wrote)”
9. D. Rose & DJ Cozmos “What U Want” featuring Damien (K-Otix) & Donwill (Tanya Morgan)
10. Scottie Spitten “S Car Go!”
11. The Luv Bugz
12. Roddy Rod “Foreign Breed”
13. Enoch Light “Eleanor Rigby”
14. Roz Ryan “You’re My Only Temptation”
15. Spitten King “Piano Maze” featuring Kay (The Foundation) & EQuality (H.I.S.D.)
16. Spitten King “I’m On Fire” featuring EQuality (H.I.S.D.) & Damien (K-Otix)
17. King Coz/Lil’ Big Yung “My Swag” Instrumental
18. Elzhi “Ill Cello”“Horny”
19. P.CASSO “Thinking A Lot”
20. Hitoshi Sakimoto “The Sandsea”


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  1. BigProv says:

    “I’m On Fire”? Gotdam at the D**an D**an chop
    Good shit all around

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