Jay Dee & The Notorious B.I.G.?

By December 4, 2008 Music, Real Life

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  1. 3030 says:

    Wait, they edited that “not that dilla kid”

    that’s wild.

  2. beantownbeaner11 says:

    wow…dilla,busta,big, and nas…..wow …..just wow

  3. DrewTek says:

    Yo that footage is crazy. Thanks for posting. Definitely an important piece of footage.

  4. E.Classic says:

    thats pretty cool.
    the Dilla Version has a classic sound = DOPE
    the Nottz Version is just straight head nod = DOPE

    good stuff.

  5. Dee Phunk says:

    By the way guys, he didn’t say “not that Dilla kid” in the original. You’re not hearing it correctly. He says “not that THINNER kid, bandana, tattoos….” obviously talking about 2Pac. They obviously edited out in the Born Again version because it didn’t make any sense to leave it in anymore. Why cause more static after both of them are dead?

  6. 3030 says:

    Oh my bad, good looks Dee Phunk

  7. king says:

    Dope!!! but that aint busta from 96 thats busta like 2002 or 03 but this was a fun story.

  8. jay.soul says:

    thanks for posting. any footage of the humble genius is worth watching.

  9. phillykid says:

    j dilla version is better

  10. Serena says:

    Dilla version is DEFINITELY better. That beat is straight hypnotic

  11. So… That’s Dave from N.Y.

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