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  1. SoMcFly says:

    Aight so where is this album at??? Jay keeps niggas guessing..first Act 2 and now this…

  2. junclassic says:

    Not Too Far From Nothing is insane…

  3. Sp says:

    These beats are weak… He needs to reach out to Beat Fanatic! Jay what up??? -Sponatola

  4. Gus says:

    Annakins Prayer is seriously on another GALAXY! WOW. Listening to this shit on a late night drive alone would be so epic. Im gonna DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] by Mr. Porter himself. I have heard Jay Electronica record a demo over this beat as well though (Hagler)  from his “Scratches & Demo Tape V. 1″  w/ FWMJ a while back … But I like both jams regardless of who had the beat first. Download link […]

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