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Keelay & Zaire – The Times

By November 21, 2008 Music, Premiere, Preview, RIK.TV

Author Slopfunkdust

RIK Label Manager. Beat Fanatic. Music Hoarder. Twitter: @SlopFunkDust

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  1. Trilly Wonka says:

    I’m feeling this video. Blu and them Fortilive dudes are spitting. Never heard of Nino before but his voice is smooth on this cut.

  2. Minus says:

    This is good shit right here.

  3. Surreal says:

    This made it onto already, thanks for the support.

    Big tings a gwan

  4. Praverb says:

    Good job Jeremy…didn’t know you produced videos…awesome fam

  5. Damien says:

    This is a VERY nice track / video

  6. Tach says:

    And who said hip hop was dead……

  7. nigga yo aim is wack says:

    video is tite looks like some old school rap city shit. im diggin it

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