Q-Tip “Renaissance Rap” Video aka The Best Part of The Renaissance Album

By November 19, 2008 Music, RIK.TV

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  1. cookie head jenkins says:

    Woooooo. That is straight dopeness! LOL I love when cats make videos out of the best song on the album.

  2. I agree,props to Ric Cordero for real.

  3. DBDR says:

    So, is this the best “major release” album of the year? I need to go back and check, but I’m having a hard time finding an album I’ve enjoyed more this year.

  4. ma says:

    am i the only one who doesnt like the music video ?

  5. Minus says:

    I like the song. I don’t really like this video

  6. Ayo says:

    anyone still think Q Tip cant rap???

  7. DBDR says:

    The video was kinda cheesy to me.

  8. el. says:

    Cordero can do better (remembering 75 Bars). i cannot grasp the pathos here – in neither the video and the song. liked it on the album but with the video… it just seems too… cheesy? is that the word? it’s one of those moments you get tired of people trying to be “underground”, “real hip-hop” on purpose…
    i liked Gettin’ Up though – the video and the song… still think that’s the best cut on the LP!

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