FRESH SELECTS FTW: Shafiq Husayn EP Preview b/w Badu “Master Teacher” demos w/ Bilal & Georgia

By November 18, 2008 Mixtapes, Music

Kenny Fresh FTW!

Kenny has one of the illest blogs you are ignoring and/or are ignorant of right now. On his blog, FRESH SELECTS, Young Kenneth has exclusives from one of the last cities in America making rap music for those of us with standards. Most recently he’s got some exclusive Sa-Ra/Erykah Badu/Bilal/Georgia Anne Muldrow joints and a joint from Shafiq Husayn’s new EP. Detroit City makes better rap music than your city.

Also on a more beautiful note, if you missed Marie‘s Jazzanova x Jose James post, you need to stop sleeping.


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  1. Kenny Fresh says:

    Thank you, sir… much appreciated.
    I’m from Portland not Detroit (although i still agree with your statement), and its not FREST SELECTS… but I’ll take it!! LOL

  2. DBDR says:

    I stay woke.

  3. ma says:

    Dope blog ! Damn ! Great great !

  4. Tee Max says:

    the reason some of us might be missing it, is cause the link is down…

  5. Man these cats are straight up Scientist of sound!! Love this!

    Respect Every time Yo!


  6. Kenny Fresh says:

    @ Tee Max,

    sorry bout that.. the response was a lil too overwhelming by my server last night. LOL
    everything should be working just fine now though

  7. Solarbear says:

    Funky fresh for ’09… u suckas!

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