Rough week for a handful of rappers i know. Keep ya head up y’all!

“Unemployed Niggas” featuring Starch Arch produced by DJ Cozmos

“Move On Part III” after the jump.

“Move On Part III” featuring Kay of The Foundation produced by Symbolyc One


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  1. Damien says:

    Wow……… coming soon

  2. mr.b says:

    i am one of them ninjas.

  3. VAsco says:

    Move On #3

    still lovin this one…

  4. DBDR says:

    Co-sign move on #3…I must have wore that song out on repeat for weeks at a time.

  5. Haama says:

    Can’t forget on their show on hip hop kemp 2003. It was crazy…
    Move on part III —> banger