this is DJ Cozmos & King Midas, not Lil Big Yung
This is DJ Cozmos & King Midas as KingCoz, not Lil’ Big Yung

“My Swag” produced by DJ Cozmos & King Midas of H.I.S.D.

Here’s a track I got that DJ Cozmos & H.I.S.D.‘s King Midas (as a the production duo KingCoz) did with some new rapper out of Houston, Lil’ Big Yung.

Cute name.

I generally cannot stand songs by rappers braggin’ about their swagger (perhaps the most annoying criterion to judge an emcee by in-my-not-so-humble-opinion), but something about this one is just infectious and fun on some braggadocio shit; and LOL at the anti-old people rant at the end soundin’ like Soulja Boy.

Golden got tracks. & Coz got tracks. I been saying it a lot lately, but I miss Houston.


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  1. sweeneykovar says:

    best thing about this is the ‘renewable energy’ tag

  2. jazyladi says:

    Yo! This was nice! I miss Down South music. These commercial cats are mostly fluff. “I got a professor in the lab makin’ fuel from water…” Dude, electrolysis? Da hayle? He on some SEED magazine ish. I vote him to be Secretary of Energy! ^_^.

  3. T. Webb says:

    Man….I been looking for this song for about a year….song is hilarious….but the production is hot….

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