The Colleaguez “Niggas Wit Purses” Video

By October 10, 2008 Music, Real Life, RIK.TV

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  • DBDR says:

    Made my Friday.

  • corporation says:

    that shit is hilarious!

  • Joy says:

    it needed to be said!

  • alphonso says:

    is this a joke band?

  • Minus says:

    There’s a never a dull moment.

  • cookie head jenkins says:

    …Ya jeans on the verge of fitting right like beefcake tights

  • sfMatt says:

    i love that frank has a tag for homophobia related ish lol

  • Spithole says:

    Nothing is more pitiful than black men whining over who wears bags or a certain kind of pants when so many black men are in jail, on drugs, out of school, out of jobs, sick with AIDS (and a lot of them aren’t gay either), and in need of help. All these ignorant men can do is complain about things that don’t amount to anything while our cities blaze.

    While you worry about who wears a bag or tight pants, black men are incarcerated at the highest rates of any group in the US; black men are getting AIDS and dying faster than any group disproportionately (next to black women); drugs make people in our cities continue to kill each other; and they are FORECLOSING ON OUR HOMES. And all you can do is worry about a BAG and call yourselves “niggas”? Where is your dignity?

  • g* says:

    don’t hate on a murse (man purse), lol. Pharrell n Kanye dress more European so I guess certain rappers don’t understand/like it….funny video though.

  • D. Bravo says:


  • i-n-i says:

    this song is wack. why are you worrying about people who dont put money in your pocket. if these rappers are gay thats their business. if you’re a good artist that’s all that should matter. if lil wayne says birdman is his dad then that’s his dad. i still kis my pops on the mouth and im married. fuck it

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