Yo PInfinite

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In his Acting, Directing, Scoring, & Editing debut, I give you my n*gga, IkeMoses as BarTek in “Yo, PInfinite”.

Apparently people think this needs context. Here’s your context!

ThatBoy Bigweed “Any nigga that talks about choppin’ bitches up got my respect”

Ike Moses
“Choppin’ Up These Bitches”
produced by That Boy Bigweed (Hustle Skwad)

“Choppin’ Up These Bitches” Instrumental
produced by That Boy Bigweed (Hustle Skwad)


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  1. It’s a shame i’m a year late on this. I would have loved to laugh with you guys and put Edward Scissorhands in one of those pictures.

  2. Some lady... says:

    why am i still laughing at this today? lol

    1. FWMJ says:

      never not funny

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