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  1. missinfo says:

    this photos are the best ive seen online so far (i dont go to the pro’s agencies)….did you take with your iphone again???

    ps: um….as the person you explained what the internet was, I’m wary to tell you this…but you should try out that “more” button, so everything isnt all in one superlong post on the front page….
    just a suggestion

    *runs away*

  2. FWMJ says:

    more? for what! i want people to see my amazing photographical skillz! took em with a nikon d70

  3. !!! The zoom on Common it’s me with my Sony lol.
    I love the one u took of Common, the last one on the page ! A great great one. I’m glad I didn’t keep the camera for me, to then have bad pictures cuz i’m too little : (

  4. FWMJ says:

    it’s okay shortstop! you’ll grow taller one day! :)

  5. I’m okay small. in france we say that everything small is cute lol :/

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