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  1. HypeW says:

    Sa-Ra is the future !

  2. picnic says:

    WOW!… BEASTLY!!!

  3. Minus says:

    you did that shit bruh.

  4. David W. says:

    This song is amazing. Kay keep doing your thing!

  5. nahlij1 says:

    Can we get this for download?

  6. savv says:

    n the pocket

  7. cookie head jenkins says:

    Kay Capital all natural

  8. DBDR says:

    Damn. Songs like this remind why I need to remind my damn brain to visit RappersIknow as often as possible.


  9. brewlowlife says:

    kay kay dont do that!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bavu says:

    yea i love it pretty much it’s a great fit

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