Q-Tip “Gettin’ Up” Video

By September 11, 2008 Music

Author FWMJ

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  1. SoulOne says:

    “rubie dee and ossie, martin and coretta…”

    “couple cribs and couple kids…”

  2. c.blak says:

    come on maaaan….how dope is that shit! anybody who can’t appreciate that song even more after the video needs to take their issues elsewhere.

  3. Main one says:

    That song is corny, sounds like a damm rnb record!


  4. londra says:

    doesn’t this web site has other languages support??

  5. FWMJ says:

    londra, sometimes we have French support, as one of our contributing writers/posters/bloggers is French. outside of that? nope. we speak american!

  6. DBDR says:

    This may come as a shock…I actually really really really (for emphasis) like this song.

  7. derrick holt says:

    Dude iz a queens cat!!!!! Abstract iz his title!!! I’ts just some Tip Shit!!!!

  8. sanman says:

    that shit is bananas…. as my pops would say ” if u don’t like that, you don’t like chicken on Sundays”

  9. theodore says:

    i agree with DBDR

    tune is strong

    that’s the qtip sound all over

  10. S-44 says:

    Don’t mess with the man!!

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