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  1. c.blak says:

    Big fan of Saadiq as well as The Are. Thanks for this. I’m on my way to work so you know this will be getting bumped all day on the I Pod. PEACE

  2. MarauderOL says:

    I digs this song. And The ARE on the chop?

  3. JMack says:

    Saadiq is so underrated its stupid.

  4. PnmaB says:

    Saadiq never got his just due.
    As he should, just K.I.M.
    The ARE, killing it as usual!!

  5. Kunal says:

    that saadiq so ILLLLLLL!

  6. andre says:

    HUGE props. i love this one. I threw it up on my blog. thanks for post

  7. tbits says:

    Yo The Are is mad underrated and he a wealth of material on Rappers I Know. Respect!

  8. squirt says:

    has any one heard the new raphael album? i hear its bananas

  9. @MardiGraz718 says:

    Dope joint. Saadiq is that dude! Always been way left of what everybody else was doin.

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