D. Rose & DJ Cozmos “Taster’s Choice” Pts. I-IV

By July 6, 2008 Music

R to L: DJ Cozmos, D. Rose. Photographed by FWMJ. One of his favourite portraits in fact.

This to me is the hardest shit (not) out (yet). Hear some snippets and listen to D. Rose (The Foundation) & DJ Cozmos (greatest beat maker you are ignoring) talk about their new project Taster’s Choice. The project features Median (Justus League), Donwill (Tanya Morgan), Damien (K-otix/The Legendary K.O.), Kay (The Foundation/Nicolay & Kay), Scottie Spitten (H.I.S.D.), and more.

Part 1

Parts 2, 3, & 4 after the jump. Full project and Artwork coming soon, hang tight D!

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.


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  1. damien says:

    Album. Of. The. Year.

  2. Savvi of H.I.S.D. says:

    aaahhhhhh yes

  3. king says:

    No Lie

  4. Tommy says:

    I was Bless from D.Rose himself with this Lp,and I Really Gotta say,This is a CLASSIC PIECE OF WORK.U and Cozmos gotta damn good Chemistry(No homo)And Yall need to do more work together.Thanks for the Lookout.To Cozmos,When is “Cozmosis”Droppin?U R A VERY TALENTED producer and the World need to Hear and FEEL Your Music and I mean that.Put it on the People Hard this Year Mayne.Much Success to both u Brothas

  5. SoulOne says:

    my life is now complete…

  6. Scottie P says:

    That’s real spit dunny dunn dunn dunn.

  7. beans!! says:

    Definitely some hot ISH!!! Can’t wait to cop that!!!

  8. the jake says:

    Oh mannnnnnnnn, this is going to be wonderrrrrrrfulllllllll

  9. Soulbrotha says:

    Big Coz and Uncle Rose!!!!!

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