2000black’s Debut LP.

After many ground breaking compilations and sideline projects (“DKD” & “Silhouette Brown”) the sound of London Boogie arrives! “A Next Set A Rockers” is a genre defying collection of studio recordings demonstrating all that has influenced 2000black. Soul, Funk and Boogie are revealed in the bands very own unique style. The labyrinth of 70’s synthesizers and drums create a lavish warm feel in contrast to the current digital age. “A Next Set A Rockers’ has been crafted by the production skills of 4Hero’s Dego and Bugz in tha Attic’s Kaidi Tatham. Tracks like “Febulous” drop hypnotic dancehall percussion laced under the warmest brazillian sound, in addition the duo’s dynamic sound is complemented by strong songs such as “Lost It” featuring the voice of Face, “So Right” with Ferraz, “Simple Sacrifice” sung by Nadine Charles, “Take It Back” with Rasiyah, plus Philadelphia’s Lady Alma on “Move Over”.

Release date. late July/August 2008


Produced by Dego & Kaidi Tatham
Vocals by Ferraz

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  1. FWMJ says:

    I just have to say I am such a fan of 4 Hero & Bugz in tha Attic and am glad to have been able to post this song up for Dego. Hi Nancy/Filthy!

  2. D. Major says:

    This is a very nice track. I’m glad that it was posted.

  3. Aeon says:

    this is a fuckin jam.

  4. Dee Phunk says:

    This song has been the top viewed post on TFB for the past 3 days. Dego has a winner on his hands. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  5. Che Grand says:

    this made my day.

  6. Aeon says:

    i listened to this track for 4 hours straight. i wanna drive to it.
    i’m amped for the album.

  7. DBDR says:

    Play with the changes is one of my favorite albums ever…and this was a nice surprise to find also.

  8. lemu says:

    as odd is this is to say, i can’t wait to buy this album.

  9. david says:

    i love listening to this with the windows down rolling to and from work ala banging lapdance during finals with fwmj

    thanks for this

  10. […] popping slices of wax made their way onto the album, its arrival announced by a smash choon called “So Right” which couldn’t have had a better title. But it was “Move Over” that ended up […]

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