Reks “Say Goodnight” produced by DJ Premier

By May 29, 2008 Music

Author FWMJ

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  1. bavu blakes says:

    it’s no wiz khalifa, “say yeah”, but umm… !!!

  2. Madhandz says:

    Really nice tune. Heavy beat from Primo. The 12″ drops july 9th so I’ve been told by the man himself. Be grabbing 2 copies.

  3. mos says:

    nice the greatest premo beat, but still got that classic feel and Reks is getting it.

    I ain’t mad at this at all

  4. al says:

    Please hate on me Cam’ron, cause this just didn’t evoke any emotion from me. I miss hip hop too. I’m gonna go listen to busta’s new joint again. HA!

  5. FWMJ says:

    o hai al

    i h8z u!

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