Sy Smith “Fly Away With Me” (Rappers I Know Remix)

By April 16, 2008 Music

Author FWMJ

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  1. Savv says:

    diggin it…

  2. Pattie says:

    Really loving this!

  3. BrownBoogie says:

    its pretty cool Phonte makes the song work with his voice, big up P!

  4. muzikman says:

    Wow… that is so not Phonte. It’s Kay from The Foundation.

  5. Wraithe Fantum says:

    mmmm honey sweet suckle in the spring time aroma of pollen spreading bees and petals protruding from dew stalked stems.

    flavour dejour.

  6. K-Dread says:

    That’s the goodness.

  7. o.s.u.m says:

    no question, certified classic. love the vocal arrangements on this track

  8. DJ Low Key says:

    Sy Smith is that shit and Kay is the man…how could you go wrong with this iddish?

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