D. Rose & DJ Cozmos “What U Want” featuring Damien & Donwill

By April 12, 2008 August 15th, 2008 Music

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  1. The Jake says:

    dear Dj Cozmos,

    i’ve been asleep.

    deepest apologies,

  2. King says:

    Great one. Beat and flows

  3. Savv says:

    Two of my favorite designated hitters. Rose and Coz – St8 up butter… Did they add Damien and Donwill to that? nice recipe!

  4. brewlowlife says:

    tasters choice is going to be nasty!!! cop 2 when she come!!!

  5. passpass says:

    dope! i love this track!!! real player’s joint. nuff respect.

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