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  1. Jermiside says:

    this is my shit

  2. Dope beat & I used to hook up and to vibe & write with Jawwadd like 14 years ago. It’s good to see this brother pushing. Also check out Shape of Broad Minds. The production by Jneiro / Jarell is sick in my opinion. Some good underwater shit.

  3. Wraithe Fantum says:

    Phew……. too bad spring time is upon us and the new life is emerging. You know how I feel about the elements, ya’ll captured that feeling right there. Would loved to have shot that piece yo. Reminded me of standing on the corner in Massachusetts in sub zero temps where the only heat was the herb and 5ths of Henny. Shiver me timbers………burrrrr.

  4. JPeso says:

    So beautiful.

  5. I see yall boyz, Do ya thang!!!!!!!!!!!!! H-Town Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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