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  1. Che Grand says:

    hmm i have a song over this beat too…

  2. fatcat says:

    i copped some more of the act ii tracks at thestreetstalk:

    theres like 5 of em or something. shits sounding mad experimental, ill, dope. fuck man. whens the rest drop?

  3. dab says:

    yo’ you see this?

  4. Anonym says:

    Seriously, thank you for that podcast, it was actually awesome… This dude is unbelievable, and his elusiveness (especially to a British audience, also) was enigmatic and frustrating at the same time. One of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. Mad props!

  5. asinomasimple says:

    Elusiveness?! I guess you mean eloquence, otherwise we didn’t hear the same podcast. It’s great that’s he’s getting some coverage.

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