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  1. […] in this one, make sure you check it out!  Download and cover art after the jump.  Shouts to FWMJ for this […]

  2. […] The ARE – featuring Dem Damb Jacksons Instrumentals + Bonus Tracks … – Tracklist 1. Intro 2. The Meaning 3. Get Her Interlude 4. Keep On Trying 5. When You’re Down 6. We’ve Come Too Far 7. Oh So Sad 8. Walk On 9. We’ll Be There (Bonus Joint) 10. I Want You Gone 11. Oh 12. Don’t Go (Bonus Joint) … addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.promoteyourmusic.net%2Fmusic-marketing%2Furban-music-marketing'; addthis_title = 'Urban+Music+Marketing'; addthis_pub = ''; […]

  3. Pj Smith says:

    Yo anyone know if Are worked on the Wu-Massacre album as there are some beats on that joint that sound very much like the tracks featured here. Especially that ‘Our Dreams’ joint…

  4. ARE says:

    @Pj, I didn’t work on that album but i did hear the Dreams joint .:( was there more on the album that sounded like my production?

  5. […] Happy B-Day Michael Jackson I did this project in 07′. If you didn’t get it then, Get It Now!! Play it loud! Download link via RappersIKnow […]

  6. […] The ARE featuring Dem Damb Jackson Instrumentals + Bonus Tracks b/w featuring Dem Damb Jacksons Voca… […]

  7. […] Undergrundsproduceren The ARE har gransket alle Jackson 5′s plader, og alle de guldkorn, han er faldet over, har han samplet og tilsat sprøde, støvede beats. Endelig har han hevet rapperne Oh No og Kay ind i studiet til at droppe rim over instrumentalerne. Albummet har de kaldt ‘Dem Damb Jacksons’, og samtlige 11 skæringer kan downloades kvit og frit på linket nedenunder – med eller uden vokal:The ARE Feat. Oh No & Kay – ‘Dem Damb Jacksons’ (fra FWMJ) […]

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