Rob Viktum – Progress: An Audio Tribute To The Cambodian People

By August 22, 2007 Music

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  1. Mhlengi says:

    siem pang is my sh*t…

  2. timone says:

    thank you!! thank you!!!

  3. sasQwax says:

    just to let people know i played “progress” on this past weeks Rhythm Incursions radio show (broadcasting on FM in London, England and worldwide via syndication and web radio). the show is archived on and i made sure people know exactly where to cop this

    Rob – massive props man, i fucking love this lp. can’t wait to hear the sick shit you and dibbs are cooking up for selfcore…

  4. KaCha says:

    yo, Kampot is ill as fuck, stay up homie

  5. rob viktum is one of the best producers alive!!!

  6. S.Boo says:

    damn this album is HOT! Rob u r the best producers ever. i never heard anything like this. dang i cant stop listening to this album.

  7. You this shit is tight. Big ups yo. I’m cambodian and I deeply appreciate this shit.

  8. nOwak says:

    thx for that great sound!
    big up from germany

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