Chip Fu “Hip Hop Generals” b/w The Luv Bugz “There 4 U”

By May 14, 2007 August 10th, 2010 Music

Author FWMJ

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  1. El Keter says:

    Okay, that Luv Bugz… that shit is hot.

    I’m really feeling that.

    And Erica MissAmerica is one of the dopest names ever.

  2. J 8months says:

    that LuvBugs iz the truth! Good God!

  3. Aeon says:

    this bangs. so hard.

  4. o.s.u.m says:

    In Luv from the first listen. Already started spreading the good word about y’all. Props to rappersinow for puttin this out.

  5. ReGeniOus says:


    I cant even effin handle it!

  6. tht eluvbugz are thee business
    is there anyway anyone could
    send this to me

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