Tanya Morgan “Walk My Way (Dream On) & Cassette Union – Bottom of the Map: Vol 1

By May 11, 2007 May 17th, 2007 Music

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  1. Kay Jizzle says:

    Heat all around!

  2. Dan says:

    Beats are hot…this drop is not. That voice is one of the most annoying drops I’ve ever heard and really makes me want to stop listening to this. The Cassette Union one that is.

  3. chunky says:

    yeah, I gotta agree with Dan. It is quite annoying, really bugs me when these drops are the thing you notice more than the music.

  4. Janarus says:

    Joint is hot by tanya Morgan! Both joints are hot! Keep doin ya’ll thang and making that hot music to really jam too!

  5. Aeon says:


    i’m crying tears of joy all inside! im going to drown!


  6. Maaaan!!!! And they say hip hop is dead? That Walk My Way joint is playing on my myspace page right now!!!! Keep droppn the relevant hip hop. Tired of all this rap and bullshit.


  7. a says:

    beats are really hot, I wish it didn’t have that annoying voice.. not cool.

  8. Riesgo says:

    That Cassette Union is FIRE HOT HOT FIRE (Like Dylan). Anyone hatin on the drops is trippin they dont bother me at all and I been playin the shit outta that since I got it a couple weeks ago. One question though isn’t
    Oneself Salaam from Verbal Seed part of The Cassette Union ?

  9. Wong Tern says:

    Shits hot!

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  11. a says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I like that song by Tanya Morgan

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